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Types of Commercial and Industrial Water Storage Tanks


Water storage tanks come in a variety of sizes, materials and shapes.  However when you are making a decision as to which one will serve you the best, quality will be a key factor to consider, among many others.  Especially when it comes to tapping rain water, you will want to use tanks that are made of materials that cannot easily react with water.  However manufacturers have been able to mitigate such challenges by galvanizing the tanks.  Also, you need to consider the strength of the material and ability to resist the effects of weather conditions such as extreme temperatures.  The more durable the tank is, the more the value of your money you will realize.  As such, there are various types of water tanks which can be used for both commercial and industrial purposes.


The first types is fiberglass water tanks at this website.  This particular type is famous for its ability to allow light to go through, with some property of darkness which prevents growth of algae.  The material is also stiff and rigid, but light and that makes their portability much easy.  Moreover, their quality has been improved with a food-grade coat. 


The other commonly one is the steel water tank.  Unlike with the other tanks, the steel water tanks are galvanized with Zinc metal to avoid corrosion.  They are made in different capacities.  They can store millions and millions of liters of water, making it suitable to offer storage solutions for large water volumes.  You need not to worry about the leakages of zinc into water due to the corrosion of steel, with time.  The danger has been averted with the technology of lining the tanks with a food-grade polythene lining.  Alternatively you can go for stainless steel tanks, though more expensive. Be sure to check out this website at https://www.britannica.com/technology/reservoir and learn more about storage tanks.


Concrete tanks are also offering an invaluable water storage solution.  They are famous and are liked for their strong and long lasting quality.  For commercial purposes, they are mostly installed underground, but they can be used for residential purposes as well.


Lastly is the polythene potable water tank. They are the most popular for their host of good qualities. Firstly, they are very strong and light in weight, besides being relatively cheap. Secondly, they are preferred for their flexibility which allows for use in a variety of styles and shapes. More importantly they are not corrosive, therefor you will not be worried of any dirt in your water.


Depending on the purpose, you can get water storage tanks in a variety of shape, size and quality. The four above are the major ones for both commercial and industrial use.